Alternatives to plastic packaging

Alternatives to plastic packaging

Plastic packaging is usually widely used around the world. Plastic has replaced glass packaging, and this is because of the cheap price of plastic. In fact, plastic is very cheap to produce and is therefore widely used. It is also a lot stronger than glass and is also much less breakable. Almost everyone knows that plastic is cheaper, but did you know that it also pollutes? The production of plastic is truly polluting for the environment, but of course, that is not the only thing. We all use so much plastic that it all becomes too much for a while. We can no longer process the plastic, and that is very bad for the environment. Fortunately, there is a much better alternative, and that is glass packaging. Want to know why glass packaging is so much better to use? In this article, we go into this in detail, so you can find out all about it.

Sustainability & Appearance

Glassmeister glasses are produced in a sustainable way in its own factory. In general, glass is a lot more durable than plastic and also has a long lifespan. You can use a glass bottle for decades with plastic, of course, this is a different story. Plastic discolours and can also change shape when you heat it. Glass is resistant to high temperatures and can therefore stay good for several years. Furthermore, glass packaging has a much better appearance when you compare it to plastic packaging. This is because you can see the contents inside a glass container, and this is sometimes very convenient. Especially with cosmetics, this is a very nice view and you can also order these from glassmeister, here you can also order the right sealer.


Glass is also a lot safer than plastic packaging, and this is, of course, strange. After all, glass can break, and then it is of course a lot more dangerous. When glass is not broken, however, it is a lot safer than plastic packaging. This is because plastic has a lot of harmful substances, and these can be released when you heat plastic. These harmful substances are very dangerous for your health. The substances disrupt your hormone balance and can also cause cancer. There are many more substances that can be released that cause nasty things. Glass does not have all these disadvantages, which is why it is convenient to choose glass packaging. Therefore, choose the right glasses on glassmeister’s website and have them delivered to your home.