Secrets to healing your gut

The stomach is the most important internal organ on which general well-being largely depends. The gastrointestinal tract system is quite fragile and suffers from both external and internal negative factors. This means that adverse ecology, improper nutrition, alcohol abuse, work in harmful conditions, and stress play their role and cause problems in the functioning of the intestines. By the age of 30, every adult knows what a stomach ache is and how difficult it is to cope with constipation and diarrhea, and flatulence may not help at all. If you are interested in excellent well-being and strong immunity, start strengthening the gastrointestinal system and healing your gut today.


A healthy lifestyle is the main secret to a healthy gut. To begin with, give up alcohol and quit smoking. Cigarettes harm not only the lungs – they increase the secretion of juice in the stomach and cause a short-term narrowing of vascular lumens. If such spasms become frequent, peristalsis goes astray. Nicotine also dulls hunger and disrupts the diet.


Alcohol irritates the mucous membranes, inhibits the normal digestive process, and increases the concentration of hydrochloric acid several times. The work of the central nervous system suffers, and the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract are inextricably linked. A special bomb is an alcoholic cigarette. If you like to snack on alcohol, you are also taking a great risk. You can list the risks endlessly, and it will be easier and more correct to remove the provoking factors.

It is also not necessary to use pharmaceuticals without special need. They create a burden on the liver and kidneys, which are harmful to your gut and health in general.

Bet on healthy food

The formula is simple – a healthy diet means a healthy stomach and vice versa. For some time, the body as a whole and the gut, in particular, may work at the limit of possibilities. But in the future problems will definitely make themselves known. Therefore, if you want to maintain your health, adjust your diet and do not break it. Harmful for the intestinal mucosa:


  • fats;

  • coffee;

  • alcohol;

  • too cold or hot food;

  • spicy dishes;

  • spices;

  • vinegar;

  • smoked meats;

  • sodas.


Constant use of such products causes the formation of micro damages, which do not make themselves felt for a long time but eventually lead to irreversible changes. Protecting the stomach comes down to proper nutrition and excluding the use of all the above-mentioned “goodies”. Replace harmful foods with brown rice, whole-grain bread, and vegetables. Maintain a balance of soft and hard food; it is better to refuse fried foods in principle. The optimal methods of heat treatment are steaming, boiling, and baking.


Eat often, in small portions. Try to eat at the same time, and do not forget about the need for a proper drinking regime. Do not miss breakfast – let it be small, but it should be.

Causes of inflamed intestines

The causes of the development of the inflammatory process can be of infectious and non-infectious origin. Most often, diseases develop against the background of an unbalanced diet, an addiction to unhealthy food, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Long-term use of potent drugs, poisoning with heavy metal salts, allergies, and intestinal irradiation can provoke the development of pathology. The main cause of inflammation: is the penetration of bacteria and viruses into the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

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